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Full-stack development environments can be simple, repeatable and reliable

Use our pre-built development environments for any of the most popular stacks, or create your own Haystack file. A Haystack file is tracked in version control with the rest of your application, which makes it easy to share with other developers.

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Built on Docker

While Haystack supports Docker, it is also packed with features designed for developers. Such as faster I/O for development environments, reliable remote mounts for cloud environments, serverless function support, and local as well as remote dns management.


Your IDE, your tools

Haystack does not force you to use a web IDE to have a cloud dev environment. Use your own tools, Haystack will take care of the rest.


Local or Cloud

When you start your stack, you can choose to run it locally or in the cloud. Cloud stacks are perfect for staging and testing environments.


Team Features

Teams give you even more control of your stacks and allows you to set stack limits as well as collaborate.

Start coding your next project in minutes, not hours or days.

Run your dev environment local or in the cloud.

Customize your stack, then track it in source code.

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